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Curtain Control Module

True-I Curtain Control Module View

Curtain Control ModuleCurtain control module is connected with a small motor to control the status( open / close ) of the curtain. The user can send command to the curtain controller and it will help the user open/close the curtain for you at any place and any time. The innovative design of this curtain controller module is multi-level switch command which let the user terminate or pause the curtain opening/ closing progress.FeaturesAutomatic measurement and adjustment for curtain lengthOpen/Close/Up/Down USECompatible with various curtain, tubular & shutterRelay outputAnother optional curtain control module: wired & terminal is available



Lighting Control Module

True-I Lighting Control Module View

Lighting Control ModuleLighting control module will send On/Off signal to the appliance that attached to this module via the gateway with Z-wave. It also can control two appliances independently. Every module acts as a single repeater to extend the Z-wave signal.FeaturesCompact SizeEasy installationSuitable for major electric switch boxAct as a repeaterSupport “Frequently Listening Routing Slaves” (FLiRS) modeZL7434EU-5: 1 Relay for controlling 1 lighting or deviceZL7435EU-5: 2 Relay for controlling 2 lighting or devices


IR Extender ZXT-120

True-I IR Extender ZXT-120 View

IR Extender ZXT-120IR extender is used for controlling the Air conditioners or the other IR controlled devices such as fan and television. IR extender can not only communicate with the gateway via Z-wave, but also can control various types of IR devices.
Support mortise type of Samsung Digital Door Locks (SHS-H505, SHSP717, SHS – P718, SHP-DP727, SHP-DP728)Mounting onto door locks’ existing receiver compartmentPower from the digital doorLow power consumption and low battery alertRemote control of lock and unlockRemote monitoring of lock statusAlert signal for intruder and unauthorized attempts to access


HMDM-100 Module

True-I HMDM-100 Module View

Doorlock Control Module HMDM100The doorlock control module is used for users to control their Samsung smart digital doorlock via mobile application. It can be easily added to or removed from the doorlock. Using the Z-wave, the doorlock control module bridges the doorlock and the gateway, and make it easier for the user to control their digital doorlocks.

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